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Mullinouys, INVER, South Donegal - Price €
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* Situate adjoining the County Road, just 0.6 mile off the Mountcharles / Killybegs Road and 3 miles west of Mountcharles

* Comprised in Folio 10233 County Donegal and extending to 4.32 hectares (10.67 acres)

* Lands are generally of good grazing quality; included is a Hay Shed. There is also potential for at least 1 No. Residential Site.

Direction. Leaving Donegal Town, follow the Killybegs Road. Start your tripometer at the “Texaco” Garage (1.25 mile from Diamond); continue for 4.8 miles, just after “Milltown Bar & Esso” pumps, turn left at sign for “Gortaward” and continue for 0.4 mile to crossroads; continue straight for just 0.2 mile - laneway to land on right.

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